Netanyahu, wife meet Lianne
Netanyahu, wife meet Lianne Amos Ben Gershom/GPO

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara, last night at the Prime Minister’s Residence in Jerusalem, met with and hosted Lianne Ben-Eliezer, 7, who is dealing with a rare illness.

The Prime Minister’s Office recently received a special request from Lights of Hope about Lianne and her dream to meet the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister agreed immediately and the meeting was set.

Prime Minister Netanyahu and his wife met with Lianne and her family last night and heard from her about her dream to be prime minister. She signed the official guestbook, which I signed by world leaders who visit the Prime Minister’s Residence.

Prime Minister Netanyahu told Lianne about being Prime Minister and invited her to sit in his office chair. Sara Netanyahu spoke with Lianne about dealing with her illness on a daily basis at school.

Also attending Lianne’s moving meeting with the Prime Minister and his wife were Lianne’s parents Eli and Yasmin Ben-Eliezer and the Director of Lights of Hope, who is assisting Lianne and her family in dealing with the illness.