Bnei Brak
Bnei BrakFlash 90

Dozens of Bnei Brak residents protested Saturday against the Shabbat (Sabbath) desecration by the increase in the new "Shabbat buses" in Tel Aviv.

The protesters blocked Jabotinsky Street for a long while, until Israel Police intervened and allowed traffic to resume.

On Friday, UTJ newspapers protested the Shabbat desecration, claiming it to be a gross violation of the status quo which has existed since Israel's founding.

"Operating buses on Shabbat with funding from local authorities is discriminatory towards those who are traditional, since even though they pay municipal taxes like everyone else, the municipality is preventing them from receiving services paid for by their taxes, and which they cannot enjoy," the papers read.

"The authorities in question are using underhanded opportunism to attempt to create facts on the ground, due to the unstable political situation Israel finds itself in and the lack of a chosen government. Legal advisers have noted that several times, bills to allow public transportation to operate on Shabbat have been placed on the Knesset's table, and they were consistently rejected by a large majority of the legislative authority."