Former aide to Binyamin Netanyahu, Nir Hefetz, in Tel Aviv District Court
Former aide to Binyamin Netanyahu, Nir Hefetz, in Tel Aviv District CourtFLASH90

Nir Hefetz, a State witness in Case 4000, one of the investigations for which Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu faces indictment, filed a lawsuit Thursday afternoon against Justice Minister Amir Ohana for revealing details of his investigation.

In a speech in the Knesset plenum, Ohana revealed investigative exercises carried out by the police to exert pressure on Hefetz during his interrogations in the case.

Hefetz is a former aide and confidant of Prime Minister Netanyahu who provided evidence in the Walla Affair where Netanyahu was accused of pushing for legislation to benefit Walla news site owner Shaul Elovitch in exchange for positive coverage.

Last week, the court allowed the publication of reports that during the interrogation of State witness Nir Hafetz, the police invited a woman who was in contact with the witness and in open testimony asked intrusive questions about the nature of her relationship with the witness. In order not to violate her privacy, the court ruled that information about the woman's identity and the relationship between her and the witness should not be published.

Earlier, Hefetz filed a complaint with the police against Galai Tzahal (IDF Radio) broadcaster Yaakov Bardugo. Hefetz said Bardugo "disseminated prohibited information in various WhatsApp groups about a character who testified and asked penetrating questions" about her relationship with Hefetz.

Heifetz's lawyer, Ilan Sofer, said: "If placing a Breslav truck under Shlomo Pilber's house constitutes harassment - Bardugo's actions in relation to Nir Hafetz are more serious."