Following the hearing on Thursday against Assam Barghouti, who carried out the terrorist shooting attacks at Givat Asaf and Ofra Junction last December, Arutz Sheva spoke with Chaim Silverstein, the father of one of the victims, Shira Ish-Ran.

Shira, who was 30 months pregnant at the time, and her husband were waiting at a bus stop outside Ofra and was shot in the abdomen by Barghouti. She was rushed to the hospital in critical condition and doctors performed an emergency caesarian section to deliver her baby, who died shortly later.

"We've just left the hearing at the Ofer military court, where the terrorist - after many months of ups and downs in the courts - finally confessed and admitted that he carried out the attack on our daughter, in which our first grandson was murdered by this vile terrorist," Silverstein said.

"The next stage is hearing what kind of punishment he'll get which will be in a few weeks and we hope that he'll get at least three life sentences and will never see the light of the day."

Arutz Sheva also spoke with Maurice Hirsch, the attorney for the Ish-Ran family and Mor-Yosef family, whose son, Sergeant Yuval, 20, was murdered by Barghouti at the Givat Assaf junction in December.

"The terrorist admitted to the murder of three people in court today and the injury or attempted murder of dozens of others," Hirsch said. "He finally decided to confess, having dragged out the trial for almost a year. He understood that he had no way out based on his confession and the other evidence available."

"The sadness for the Mor-Yosef family is that the idea of capital punishment - of a death sentence for Barghouti - has been taken off the table entirely due to political decisions. That's what they think is the rightful punishment - and only the death sentence for a terrorist like Barghouti, who is a repeat offender will really restore Israel's deterrence - deterrence that doesn't really exist."