site of Govat Asaf attack
site of Govat Asaf attack David Michael Cohen/TPS

The Ofer Army Court held today (Thursday) a hearing in the case of Assam Barghouti, who was involved in the shooting at Givat Asaf and Ofra Junction last December.

During the hearing, the terrorist admitted to the charges against him, including the murder of two soldiers and the baby Amiad Ish Ran as well as other crimes.

Ilanit and Motti Moryoseph, the parents of Yuvel Moryoseph, decided not to attend the hearing. In a statement they said, "We are pleased that the circus of army court is coming to an end. The second that the death penalty wasn't put forward for this murderer, we knew that justice would not occur."

"The terrorist was a ticking bomb, we are upset he wasn't killed when he was caught. The time has come to change the policy towards the death penalty and therefore reestablish Israel's deterrence."

After the hearing, attorney Maurice Hirsch, who represents the bereaved families, said, "it's a shame that the death penalty was not sought according to the families wishes. There is no doubt that harsher punishment will change the situation and reestablish Israel's deterrence."