Nerya Zarug, who was expelled from Yitzhar via administrative order, returned home today to the celebration of dozens of supporters who danced and sang at the central town square. After the celebrations there, Zarug returned to his home at Kumi Ori with his wife and children.

At the entrance to the Kumi Ori neighborhood, Zarug spoke briefly to his supporters. He said, “Thank G-d, we have returned home, to this hilltop in the Land of Israel. We call for an end to these administrative orders. All the administrative orders that have been issued against fellow Jews, who are distanced from their families, must end. We must stop infighting among Jews and focus on the real enemies. We will continue to settle this hilltop and build the land of Israel.”

Zarug added, “I want to mention especially to the Central Commander, that you must stop fighting your brothers and the Jewish people, and instead focus on the enemies of Israel. Stop issuing orders against Jews. There is no reason to evict a Jew from him home.”

Attorney Nati Rom, who represented Zarug on behalf of Honenu, said “We are happy to see Neria return home. He has no prior criminal record and no evidence was presented before this order was issued. Anyone who cares about democracy and about the State of Israel should oppose these orders. I hope that this episode will represent the end of administrative orders.”