Auschwitz צילום: ISTOCK

Dozens of children and grandchildren Poles murdered by the Nazis during World War II on suspicion of concealing and assisting Jews during the Holocaust gathered in the town of Brok in eastern Poland for the first conference of its kind.

During the conference, the participants published an open letter remembering their family members' "solidarity with the oppressed during the time of hatred, an example of courageous Christian behavior."

Deputy Culture and National Heritage Minister Magdalena Gawin organized and spoke at the conference.

The open letter published by conference participants stated that "our parents' and grandparents' decisions were often spontaneous. They were the result of solidarity with those who were oppressed in a time of hatred, and they changed the history of our families for many generations. Our fathers' courageous behavior was punished, leaving us orphans. We believe that the death of our parents and grandparents was not in vain. They gave an example of courageous Christian behavior. Their fate is a warning against hatred."

Members of the families of Polish victims who rescued Jews also called on Polish government institutions to commemorate the actions of their ancestors. "Their activities deserve tremendous respect. We express our support for national initiatives to commemorate murdered Poles for helping Jews."

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