Nerya and Miriam Zarug
Nerya and Miriam ZarugAvraham Shapira

Nerya Zarug, the Yitzhar resident who was arrested after being issued an administrative order distancing him from his home despite his clean record has been released.

Adv. Nati Rom representing Zarug on behalf of the Honeinu legal aid organization said: "We're pleased that Nerya is returning to his home and his family today.

"Nerya received an undemocratic order that severely violated his basic human rights, which has no place in a democratic state.

"Nerya stood up for his principles and refused to sign such a draconian order, and we're pleased that the court ordered him released despite the police request for detention until the end of proceedings.

"I hope that in the future the army and police will avoid using the anti-democratic tool of administrative detention against Israeli civilians who have done no wrong. Let us remind you that this is a young man with no criminal record, and with no evidence presented against him," Rom said.

In September, Zarug received an executive order signed by IDF Central Commander Nadav Padan, banning him from northern Samaria, including his home for a period of three months. However, Zarug ignored the order and remained in the area.

Police extract Nerya Zarug: