Bennett and Shaked at New Right conference
Bennett and Shaked at New Right conferenceNew Right spokesperson

The New Right Party held a conference Monday evening, attended by hundreds of activists and party leaders, in preparation for the possibility of a third election campaign in the near future.

Defense Minister and New Right leader Naftali Bennett said at the event "If the leaders of the various parties do not come together, we will find ourselves in another 15 days in the third election campaign within a year."

"If we run into an election campaign against our will - the New Right party will run as an independent party for the Knesset. I have already updated the Prime Minister, he is aware, we are running as a party and will be open to connections. We will do what is right for the State of Israel. The New Right is returning to the center of the map in a big way," Bennett said.

New Right chairwoman MK Ayelet Shaked said that she felt that further elections were inevitable. "We are not yet desperate to have Liberman return to the right-wing bloc, but that seems highly unlikely. The most realistic scenario is a third election campaign."