Eli Cohen
Eli Cohenscreenshot

The Mossad enlisted the aid of the son of Syria's former president to find the remains of famed spy Eli Cohen, New Zealand news site Newshub reported Sunday.

Two years ago, the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service [NZSIS] and the Mossad contacted Khalid al-Hafidh, the son of Amin al-Hafiz, the man who was president of Syria when Eli Cohen was executed.

Al-Hafidh moved to Auckland as a refugee from Syria.

"I was cooperating with the New Zealand Secret Intelligence Service in a mission with the Mossad of Israel to help find - to try to find - the remains of the Israeli spy Eli Cohen," Khalid told Newshub.

"I did not want to do it for the money. I did not want to do it for Mossad. I wanted to do it for the wife and children of Eli Cohen," he stated.