Miri Regev
Miri Regev Hezki Baruch

Culture Minister Miri Regev (Likud) this morning (Sunday) addressed the decision of the Mandelblit Court to establish a team of jurists to discuss the constitutional implications of his intention to indict Prime Minister Netanyahu.

In an interview with Galai Tzhal (Army Radio), Regev argued that if the Attorney General decides that in the current situation it is not possible to allow Netanyahu to form the next government, Mandelblit will "assassinate Israeli democracy."

Regev claimed that "it will be a watershed decision" and explained that the decision would be contrary to the Basic Law, which does not prohibit a prime minister who is on trial to continue in office until a final verdict is reached.

Regarding the Prime Minister's speech following the announcement of the indictment, Regev said that "no one spoke of a government coup."

Regev emphasized that Netanyahu "spoke of his heart" and mentioned that "he said the next day that he is in favor of the rule of law. The prime minister respects the law authorities very much."

The Minister referred to a video released by Netanyahu on Friday, in which he said: "This entire process will ultimately be decided in court. To be tested, to be treated and to be corrected "