Amir Ohana
Amir Ohana Flash 90

I am proud to be standing alongside Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. The prime minister is not guilty. He is not guilty because that is what the law states and because this is our legal system.

In the State of Israel, a person's guilt must be proven in court. Not in television studios, not on social networks, not even in the prosecutor's office.

In my professional life, I have seen many indictments that have collapsed. A host of public figures have previously faced charges - and have been acquitted. Yaakov Neeman. Rafael Eitan. Avigdor Kahalani. There is no doubt in my mind when I say and allow myself to determine, from personal knowledge: Binyamin Netanyahu is not a corrupt person.

He gave his best years to the State of Israel, its foreign relations and its security. Instead of looking after his own interests - he looked after the interests of his people. He looked after the interests of his country.

I am very proud to stand by him at this moment, which is undoubtedly a difficult moment. I am proud of you, my Ministerial colleagues and Members of Knesset (except for two) who stand there with us, and am absolutely certain that history will prove that this is the right place to stand.