R' Aryeh Yudilevitz
R' Aryeh Yudilevitz R' Aryeh Yudilevitz

Yerushalayim, the holy city, the heart of Am Yisrael, is known for its legendary Tzadikim.

Namely, the many hidden Tzadikim who inhabit its walls, who go about their lives steeped in Avodas Hashem without fanfare or fame.

One of the legendary Tzadikim of the Yerushalayim of yesteryear was the Rav Aryeh Levin Zatzal, who was an embodiment of true unparalleled Chesed, who opened his heart to every Jew, regardless of their background, and offered support and solace to countless orphans, widows and downtrodden fellow Jews.

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Rav Aryeh merited having sons-in-law who were giants in their own right, such as Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv, Rav Eliezer Plotchinsky and Rav Shmuel Aharon Yudelevitz, Zichronam L’vracha.
A half a century has gone by since Rav Aryeh’s passing, and though Klal Yisrael has many Rabbanim, Tazdikim and Poskim, there still remain a void, and countless individuals, families, poor brides and other downtrodden find themselves struggling, without anyone to care for them and look after their needs in a significant way.

That void has of late been filled by Rav Aryeh’s grandson, and namesake, Rav Aryeh Yudelevitz Shlita. In his quiet, unassuming way, rav Aryeh assists thousands of needy individuals. Scores of people have given testimony that Rav Aryeh’s intervention has changed their lives in a positive way, like no one else ever has.

Rav Aryeh is a giant in Torah and Chesed, and also an expert in graphology and Chochmas Hayad, palm reading, which he uses solely for the purposes of understanding the depths of people’s problems, so he can help them. Additionally, he has also mastered the secrets of names and birthdays, which he learnt from the master mekubal, Rav Gershonowitz Zatzal.

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Rav Aryesh’s esteemed uncle, Rav Shlomo Simcha Levin Zatzal, a renowned expert in removing Ayin Hara, as well as an expert in performing the “Goral Hagra” as was taught to him by his father, Rav Aryeh Levin Zatzal, had a special Tanach that he used for the Goral, that he inherited from Rav Chaim Berlin Zatzal, son of the saintly Netziv of Volozin. This special Sefer, as well as the secrets of how to utilize it, were passed on to Rav Aryeh Yudelevitz Shlita by his uncle before his passing, with the stipulation that it only be used in extreme circumstances for truly difficult questions.

Indeed, many miraculous stories are told about the outcome of the Goral performed by Rav Aryeh for various people in difficult situations.

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