Hamas snipers in Gaza
Hamas snipers in Gaza Reuters

IDF Spokesman Brigadier General Hedy Silberman addressed the latest round of fighting against Hamas.

"We believe that activity against Hamas will be more complex and difficult to manage in relation to the war on the Islamic Jihad," said Silberman. "I'm coming from a briefing with the Chief of Staff. We're dealing with several arenas, near and far, and the situation is that the IDF is required in a large number of arenas."

He said the north would be even more complex, because the number of rockets would be "much higher."

After the ceasefire was imposed in the south, Silberman noted that the Black Belt battle plan had achieved its goals.

"We achieved all goals within 48 hours," said Silberman, "we must continue to focus on the northern arena - Iranian activity is not just in Syria.

"We used a small part of our capabilities, but we did not fight with Hamas, nor with Hezbollah or with the Iranians," the IDF Spokesman added.

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