Yesha leaders meet Gantz
Yesha leaders meet Gantz spokesperson

Yesha Council leaders this afternoon called on Blue and White leadership, headed by MK Benny Gantz, not to form a narrow Leftist government supported by the Joint Arab List.

The call was published in light of the U.S. declaration recognizing the legality of Judea, Samaria, and the Jordan Valley, and after meeting with the Prime Minister today in Gush Etzion.

New Council Cchairman David Lachiani said at the end of the meeting, "You mustn't support a narrow government supported by the Joint Arab List; join a broad unity government."

Earlier today, Prime Minister Netanyahu met with Gush Etzion leaders, urging them to speak out in the media against establishment of a Blue and White minority government with support of the Arab parties.

"Use all you've got so I remain prime minister," the Prime Minister said in a meeting with the mayors.

Netanyahu added, "We're facing a minority government, and I don't hear you. Big things are happening in the background, but we're in danger of losing everything."

ראשי מועצת יש"ע במסר לגנץ

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