The Shalva Band performing
The Shalva Band performingShalva

The Shalva Band is "honored and privileged" to perform alongside US President Trump at the Israeli-American Council (IAC) Summit in Florida.

The band, which moved an entire nation through their performances on "Rising Star" television series, and wowed the globe over at the Eurovision Song Contest. Now the Shalva Band members are embarking on a world tour to perform alongside the President of the United States and other dignitaries.

The entire Israeli nation was amazed by their performances on the "Rising Star," which was followed by an additional wave of astonishment when they rescinded their participation in the competition in favor of respecting one another’s religious beliefs. But at the end of the day, the Shalva Band found themselves on the Eurovision stage in Tel-Aviv, performing before an audience numbering in the thousands and 200 million viewers around the world.

"We are still overwhelmed by the experience," shares Shalva Band soloist Dina Samteh in an interview. "We dreamed of reaching far places, but we could have never dreamed to be standing in this place. It is a privilege."

"I was very nervous. I heard the roaring applause of the audience as I stepped onto the stage. I was meant to read a text in Braille, and I was afraid I wouldn’t manage to say it in the allotted time. I knew there were millions of people watching at home all over Europe, as well as the entire Israeli nation."

Israelis were not the only ones interested in following the band. The entire world jumped on the bandwagon (including recently, Jamie Foxx); and the band members excitedly keep up on their reviews. "It was immensely exciting," says band director Shai Ben-Shushan. "I was with them on stage, but I observed from the side. It felt a great sense of pride; the fruition of thirteen years of hard work."

"The world embraced us," he continues. "When you read people's reactions you begin to realize just how profound of an impact this had on so many people around the world- an unbelievable connection and an appreciation for our music. When you see millions of views, you say to yourself, 'Wow. We're creating a change that is only beginning."

The Shalva Band will reach yet another high when they perform alongside United States President Donald Trump at the IAC summit, the annual gather of the leading organization of the Israeli-American community which aims to strengthen the connection and support of the State of Israel in over 73 communities and 100 campuses across America. The annual summit will take place this year from December 5-8 in South Florida. 3,500 individuals from Israel and America are expected to be in attendance; including dignitaries and academics, as well as Jewish and Israeli-American community leaders.

The theme of this year’s conference is "Israel Together," with the intention of sending a steadfast message of support for the relationship between Israel and the Jewish people. "We are honored and excited to have the Shalva Band join us at the 2019 IAC National Summit!" IAC wrote. "They are a true inspiration for a spirit of strength, values, inclusiveness, unity, persistence, talent, and everything else we would hope our society to be."

"It's a great honor to see the Shalva Band performing on such prominent stages, representing the State of Israel’s most esteemed values," says Avi Samuels, chairman of Shalva.

The Shalva Band
The Shalva BandShalva

Avi Samuels
Avi SamuelsShalva