Omri Shachar
Omri ShacharFrom the site in his honor

A father who lost his son during army service is asking the person who stole his phone to return its memory card.

The father of IDF Captain Omri Shachar, of Kfar Saba, had his smartphone stolen last week.

Apparently, the phone fell out of his pocket as he exited his vehicle upon arriving home, and a passerby noticed the fallen phone and took it.

The phone contained hundreds of photos and videos of Omri, who was killed in a car accident seven years ago.

According to Yediot Aharonot, when the father noticed his phone had disappeared, he called it a few times. At first he heard a call waiting signal, and afterwards the thief answered and immediately hung up. Shortly afterwards, the phone became completely disconnected - apparently because the thief understood that the phone could be located as long as it was connected.

Irit, the bereaved mother, said: "I hope the police manage to find the device. Omri's photos, which are saved on it, are very dear to us. For us they're an entire world. We haven't digested the loss that occurred after the enormous tragedy."

The family asks that the thief return the device, or at least its memory card.