Omer Adam
Omer AdamDavid Cohen/Flash90

Israeli pop singer Omer Adam is trying to renounce his American citizenship, Yediot Ahronot reported.

The 26-year-old signer was born in the US to Israeli parents who were working in the US as emissaries. At the age of three, Adam and his family returned to Israel, settling in Mishmar Hashiva in central Israel.

As the United States currently practices a policy of jus soli, or birthright citizenship, Adam is considered a natural born citizen of the US, despite both parents being non-citizens.

According to the report, Adam is looking to renounce his US citizenship over tax considerations.

Unlike most countries, the US requires citizens living abroad to file tax returns with the IRS. While tax deals with many countries shield some from paying taxes to both countries, as a high-earner, Adam may be liable for significant tax payments.

A spokesperson for the singer had “no comment” when asked about the report.