Incendiary kite launch
Incendiary kite launchIDF Spokesman's Unit

Indictments were filed Sunday in the Be'er Sheva District Court against two defendants, Muhammad Hesi, 21, a member of Hamas and Islamic Jihad and against Wisam Debari (20), for committing offenses against state security.

According to the details of the indictment, the two took part in "March of Return" near the Israeli-Gaza border as well as night activities against IDF soldiers.

As part of their activities, the two, along with other participants, burned tires in order to hide in the smoke and approach the border fence, threw explosives and stones at IDF soldiers and in some cases struck them.

In addition, Wisam Debari launched Molotov Cocktails with the aim of causing damage to Israeli communities. Debari did this specifically after the harvest, when the fields were dry, to intensify the damage that would be done to localities in Israel and when there was a strong wind towards Israel. Also, Debari photographed Israeli forces and passed the pictures to terrorist groups in Gaza.

At various times, including about three weeks ago, the two crossed the border fence while in possession of a knife, and were arrested by IDF soldiers.