Arutz Sheva met Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski, the Polish Minister of Agriculture at the "From the Depths" event commemorating righteous among the nations during the Holocaust, in Poland.

"Relationships between Jews and Poles are full of history and emotions", Ardanowski stated, "There is no such thing as good nations or bad nations, only good people or bad people".

The Minister of Agriculture noted that most of the righteous among the nations are Polish and said: "We are proud of those polish righteous among the nations and as well ashamed of those who did not face trials for crimes against humanity."

Ardanowski mentioned that he is the chairman of the polish-Israeli parliamentary group and is part of a group who tries to make relationships between our nations be as good as possible.

"Let our common history be clarified by historians", Ardanowski said, "and let's stop the poisonous stereotypes, let the relationship between our nations be great."

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