An evening took place in Poland to honor the righteous silent heroes who saved Jews during the Holocaust. The event was organized by Jonny Daniels, founder of "From the Depths" - an organization that aims to connect the terrible past to a more hopeful future.

The evening was attended by Avram Grant, a successful soccer manger as well as son of holocaust survivors and Former MK Hilik Bar, grandson of survivors. Bar wished to say "thank you and we know what you did and we salute you."

When asked about the tension between the Polish Israeli government, Former MK Bar answered "I don't think there is much understanding about the relationship between Poland and Israel. There have been mistakes by Israeli politicians and Polish politicians. We have to remember the Poland is usually a friend of Israel, in the UN and in other places." Daniels added to this point that this event is apolitical and "its an event that was held before and after political tensions."

Daniels explained that "there are so many reasons why people did these things, people did it for religion, did it for belief, and some did it just out of a want to be good to humanity. We saw recently in Albania, Muslims who saved Jews because of their belief in Islam."

Daniels explained about one of their projects, "We have London taxis who act as a free taxi for the righteous among the nations, they receive a free ride whenever and whenever they need it."

credit: Łukasz Kłosiński, "From The Depths"

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