Meeting with general Lengyel
Meeting with general LengyelRahamim Maimon

Last night, US General Joseph Lengyel and his wife, Sally, met with the girls of the Maagalim social integration organization for a discussion revolving around the duty of civil service and women's empowerment.

The girls talked about their work in the national service and their desire to contribute to the state. During the conversation, the general said he hoped the model of national service would be adopted in the United States as well: "The fact that there is an obligation of service in Israel for every citizen of the country is important. It allows everyone to start their life equally. It ties you to patriotism and the possibility of giving something back to the state. I would like for the US to have a service obligation like Israel, where every citizen will have to contribute to the country in some fashion, whether in military service or national service."

The general's wife, Sally, spoke of the issue of women's empowerment. "In one generation, I have experienced an intergenerational change in which women have gone from limited employment opportunities in secretarial jobs to being empowered women who cancan now do anything that comes to mind and are valued equally. Somehow my eyes were always drawn to Israel, since in my youth there was a picture of Golda Meir in high school where I studied and underneath the question 'But can she type?' Because at that time, the only job a woman could get in the United States was secretarial work."

Maagalim CEO Assaf Weiss said: "We in Maagalim place an important emphasis on female empowerment and development of female leadership in the belief in girls' ability to break through the glass ceiling and reach significant and influential places in Israeli society"