Kfir Battalion in operations
Kfir Battalion in operations IDF Spokesperson

Captain Meir Elitzur was critically injured 8 months ago in a car ramming terror attack in the Binyamin area, he was comatose with internal bleeding in his brain and for a period no one knew if he would wake up. This week Captain Elitzur returned to command his company in the Shimshon Battalion.

In March, Captain Elitzur was commanding an operation in the Binyamin area, after the op his jeep became stuck. A Border Police jeep was sent for to assist, whilst the police jeep was pulling them out a car with three terrorists rammed the soldiers at high speed. A policeman was lightly injured and Elitzur suffered from head injuries, which were determined to be life threatening. The three terrorist were shot and neutralized by the soldiers on scene, two were killed and another injured.

Elitzur was taken to Sheba hospital, sedated and on life support. He had internal bleeding in his head, three broken bones in his face, a broken shoulder and broken leg. No one believed that he would return to active duty but Elitzur showed himself to be determined and stubborn. He worked tirelessly to get himself fit and healthy again.

This week the impossible occurred, Elitzur returned as operations officer for the battalion and will soon return to company command. "By coming back to the battalion I think a clear message is said," Elitzur told Ynet. "We are not in the army to tick a box, but rather to serve our country.If I can still continue to do so, why should i stop?"

Elitzur's brother is also an officer in the Kfir Brigade, Major Moshe Elitzur was in operations at the time his brother was injured in an adjoining area.

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