protest against military action in Gaza
protest against military action in Gaza Photo by Miriam Alster/Flash90

Extreme left-wing activists and two Knesset members from the Joint List protested against the IDF and the political echelon in Tel Aviv Tuesday, following the widespread attacks from the Gaza Strip and the assassination of a senior Islamic Jihad official.

MK Aida Touma-Suleiman attacked Blue and White leader Benny Gantz: "What did you support, planned murder? At the beginning of a bloody war? You had the opportunity to show that you are leading alternative policies, other politics, not standing still."

"From here, from Tel Aviv, I make a shout, and say to our people in Gaza: There are decent people in Israel who want peace and do not want to live with wars. hold on. Eventually the occupation will end," Suleiman added.

MK Ofer Kasif, a Jewish member of the Joint List, said: "We are standing here against a mad government headed by a man who cares nothing about anyone except himself. This man will burn the house on top of us if he just believes he won't go to jail. If there is no freedom and liberation in Gaza, southern Israel will not be quiet either. "

The protesters carried signs saying, among other things, "Opposition to the Occupation", "" Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies" and " when the government is against the people - the people against the government."

MK Yo'az Handel from Blue and White slammed the Joint List MKs who protested the IDF's actions in Gaza.. "They do not miss an opportunity to demonstrate for those who are shooting at us. There is no one who harms coexistence and the need to integrate more than they."