Blood donation drive in Sakhnin
Blood donation drive in SakhninAcademics for the Community in Sakhnin

Magen David Adom’s Blood Services received 560 units of blood in Sakhnin last week, as part of their collaboration with the organization "Academics for the Community in Sakhnin," promoting volunteer initiatives for the community. Additionally, during the framework of the special donation week, 94 people joined the national pool for bone marrow donation, 35 signed Adi cards (organ donation cards), and 45 donated hair for cancer patients.

The successful blood donation week in the city of Sakhnin was made possible due to the organization’s devotion to the subject, and recruitment of hundreds of blood donors from Sakhnin and surrounding areas. There were lectures about the topic in schools and clubs, brochures were distributed throughout the city, and it was advertised through social networks.

Dr. Nemer Sayed Ahmed, graduate of the faculty of medicine at The Technion and friend of the organization "Academics for the Community in Sakhnin: "Our organization was founded 6 years ago, with the goal to operate for the sake of the community in different ways. The blood donation week, which we operated in collaboration with MDA’s services, is our leading project, in which we see in front of our eyes how we can help save lives. I wholeheartedly thank MDA’s blood services for its activities, Sakhnin’s Municipality for the assistance and, of course, the members of the organization."

MDA Haifa’s Blood Donation Coordinator, Chaim Man: "I thank the organization Academics for the Community in Sakhnin for its collaboration and its devotion to the subject of blood donation, a subject so crucial in saving the lives of many people throughout the country. Thanks for the work and recruitment of the citizens of Sakhnin and surrounding, we were able to recruit no less than 560 units of blood that can assist in saving the lives of roughly 1,700 sick and wounded. I thank the organization, the Municipality of Sakhnin, the MDA blood services and, of course, the volunteering donors, and look forward to more joint initiatives in the future."