Bezalel Smotrich at Makor Rishon's Education Conference
Bezalel Smotrich at Makor Rishon's Education Conferenceצילום: צילום: דוברות מרכז ישיבות ואולפנות בני עקיבא

Transportation Minister Bezalel Smotrich (Jewish Home) on Monday called on MK Ayelet Shaked to return to her previous party.

Speaking at Makor Rishon's Education Conference, Smotrich said that he is willing to agree to a "fair" compromise which will lead to the creation of a single strong Religious Zionist party which will represent the sector in the Knesset.

"There's room for a large, strong, Zionist party in Israel's Knesset. There's no room for shards of parties and no room for technical unions. There needs to be a single Zionist party. I am willing to hand over the keys to any committee which will offer a fair agreement. I am willing to take apart my party tomorrow morning, in order to bring about the change.

"[Defense Minister] Naftali [Bennett], when it's time to tell the truth, we enjoyed his services and he is worthy of great appreciation. Now he has taken an additional step, to the Likud. This is a natural step, the continuation of a step he took when he left the Jewish Home and created the New Right party, out of a belief that his way to influence the State of Israel's future is not from a Religious Zionist party. I can respect that and wish him much success."

Regarding MK Ayelet Shaked, Smotrich said: "As far as I know, Ayelet is at a crossroads, and she's debating whether to come home."

"I, personally and from a public perspective, call on her to return to the larger union which opens its gates to all who identify with the Religious Zionist values and who want to be part of its political representation.

"Religious Zionism has embraced her, and she has returned the embrace."

Shaked and Bennett are the New Right party's leaders, and have worked together since 2013. Last week, Bennett made an agreement with the Likud, under which the two parties will remain separate but function in the Knesset as a single faction.