Bennett in the Cave of the Patriarchs. (Archives)
Bennett in the Cave of the Patriarchs. (Archives) Credit: Public relations

Rabbi Hillel Horowitz, the municipal director of the Jewish community in Hevron, sent a letter to incoming Defense Minister Naftali Bennett on Sunday calling for the construction of the market construction project in Hevron.

"The Jewish community in Hevron welcomes the incoming minister, and hopes that his first step in his position will be to advance the "market" project that has been delayed for over a year."

A year ago, the Supreme Court ruled that Hevron market land could be transferred from the Arab Hevron municipality to the city's Jewish community but nothing has been done to advance the project yet although the land is desperately needed for new housing. The market was built on land which belonged to Hevron's Jewish community before the community was destroyed in the 1929 Hevron Massacre.

Bennett's statements on Hevron were mentioned in connection to the request. "Hevron needs to be built because it is our ancestral city," Bennett said in the past. "Strengthening the Jewish community in Hebron is a current need and there is no justification not to approve the construction at this time."

Rabbi Horowitz, wrote in the letter, among other things, "This is a 90-year-old historical injustice. You're fortunate that you've been provided with the opportunity for this great merit."

Horowitz also noted that the promotion of the project has been delayed for over a year without justification despite being approved by the Attorney General.

"We ask that you put an end to this ongoing injustice and promptly instruct this project to be advanced. (read: To send to the mayor of Hebron - a convicted murderer whose hands are stained with the blood of six our members - a written notice of the termination of the municipal 'protected housing' in the "market' and the transfer of the space for the Jewish community in Hevron.")