King Abdullah II spoke on Sunday afternoon in the Jordanian parliament, addressing the transfer of the Naharayim and Tzofar enclaves to Jordanian control after 70 years.

"We have applied full Jordanian sovereignty over the Tzofar and Naharyaim areas," Abdullah announced. The members of the parliament have exerted heavy pressure on the king over the past year not to renew the Israeli lease.

"Jordan has paid a heavy price for our stance throughout history. We will continue to support the Palestinians until their state is established."

While Abdullah spoke in parliament, the Jordanians simultaneously waved the kingdom's flag in Tzofar and Naharayim, which have been leased to Israel since the 1994 peace agreement.

The peace agreement included a clause to renew Israel's lease after 25 years, but Abdullah announced last October that he would not renew it.