Tour Plus is organizing, for the second year running, a four-day getaway for the religious Zionist public, a special vacation package at one of the most attractive and unique resorts in Israel. The Dead Sea is very popular for its unique health benefits, its clear air, natural pools and mud baths.

After last year's success and requests for a second year, Tour Plus has chosen to provide the Crown Plaza Hotel this year. Tour Plus is well known for its high level of professionalism and high standards of luxury, for private and group guests.

For this winter's season, the company have included four days filled with special entertainment; lectures, music and nights of comedy.

Artists included will be; Sara'le Sharon, Nancy Berndas, the cantor Tzachi Greenheim, Myrel Resnick among others.

The Crown Plaza Hotel is considered one of the largest and luxurious hotels in the Dead Sea resort. Unlike other hotels, it has it's own private beach. It also has a spa and most rooms have a view of the sea. The hotel offers a wide variety of rooms, Jacuzzi, sauna, 2 swimming pools. The hotel offers some 60 different massage and spa days.