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Col. (res.) Lior Lotan, formerly the Head of the Department of Prisoners and Missing Persons, attended a memorial ceremony marking 25 years since the deaths of soldier Nachshon Wachsman, who was taken hostage and murdered by terrorists, and Nir Poraz, the commander who headed the operation to try to rescue Wachsman, at the Shalva Center in Jerusalem.

During the evening, Lotan addressed the release of terrorists for IDF soldiers, saying: "When I was offered the position of Head of the Department of Prisoners and Missing Persons, one of the reasons I agreed to take the role on a volunteer basis was so that our people would know and our enemy would know that that night when we tried to rescue Nachshon Wachsman wasn’t over."

"That our people would know that the values ​​that the nation of Israel and the State of Israel experience for their citizens, and how they will be there for them in every situation, are still with us. They did not stop there in Bir Nabala. These values ​​brought Gilad Shalit home and they will return the last prisoners and soldiers in the hands of the enemy. If possible, in a military operation - even at the price of placing lives at risk - and, if this is not possible and there is no military plan, and this is the lesson from that night - then through an agreement with the enemy."

"The essence of the prisoners and missing person’s coordinator's job is to reach the worst of our enemies to bring back our people. Not at all costs, but also not at no cost, because the same dedication required of the fighters is required of us as a state if there is no operational option."

"Our enemy should know that the 'Nachshons and Nirs' are still moving among us in the masses. Bold and brave young men who have dedicated themselves to the security of Israel and are prepared to endanger themselves, sacrifice and give their lives to bring their brothers home. I hope from this evening that we take something from that night, and the words of the prophet take root within us: ‘And your children will return to their own border.’"

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