CyberdomeIDF Spokesman

"Cyberdome," the annual joint cyber defense exercise of the IDF and US Cyber Command, concluded Thursday.

This year’s exercise of the C4i & Cyber Defense Directorate is the fourth, and was conducted in the US. It was led by the Cyber Defense Brigade, along with members of the Intelligence Directorate, IAF, Navy, and the Israeli Ground Forces. The forces practiced protecting operational processes against cyber challenges common to both countries, while preserving operational freedom and ensuring supremacy in the cyber domain.

During the exercise, the Israeli Defense Attaché to the US, MG Yehuda Fox and Head of the Cyber Defense Forces, BG D., observed the joint teams responding to various cyber scenarios.

Preparations for the exercise began over six months ago and included a preliminary exercise in Israel, as well as coordination of a predetermined scenario that matched challenges that both the IDF and US Cyber Command currently face in the cyber domain. This year, the exercise emphasized joint action within the domain, having Israeli and American forces acting as a joint organic defense team.

The exercise is a part of the ongoing training between the C4i & Cyber Defense Directorate and the US Command, and contributes to the existing strategic partnership in cyber defense between the two organizations.

The C4i & Cyber Defense Directorate is practicing and will continue to practice with foreign cyber defense entities in order to enhance competence and readiness of the forces, as well as to strengthen the ties between the troops and encourage the mutual learning between the bodies.

Col. A. is the Commanding Officer of the Dimension Center in the Cyber Defense Division, and he commanded the exercise.

"The exercise reflects the intimate and strategic partnership between the nations and militaries within the field of cyberdefense," Col. A. said, "Over the past week, as well as during the planning process, IDF soldiers and their American counterparts worked side by side, keyboard by keyboard, and challenged themselves in a variety of scenarios and situations relevant to the daily operational routine we are currently facing."

'Cyberdome' Photo: IDF