Rock terror
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Hadassah Haimovitch, a resident of Beit El whose vehicle was stoned Thursday night by Palestinian Authority Muslim terrorists as she drove home with her children, recalled the terrifying moments during which she fought human instinct in order to save her family.

"Last night I innocently drove with my children in our car, from Shavei Shomron towards Beit El," Hadassah related. "Suddenly, a few meters before Ofra, we were hit by a barrage of rocks."

"I was confused and I started to slow the car, but I know that in these types of situations you need to speed up. But when you're in the middle of the incident, apparently, that knowledge doesn't help too much - there's confusion, shock, a storm... Thank G-d my amazing son, who was sitting next to me, helped me focus, yelling, 'Go, go.' He saved us! Otherwise I don't want to think about what might have happened.

"So the car was damaged a bit and I came out with a pain in my shoulder and dizziness, but thank G-d we're all fine!

"I thought to myself: 'People go through this as part of their everyday routines. How? How in hell do we continue living this way?

"I also thought to myself - if Jews would be the ones throwing stones, they would be caught immediately and undergo unthinkable torture. Another thought I had was that it's a shame I didn't take one of those stones, so they could take DNA from it. But on second thought, I'm glad I didn't endanger us again. It's the DNA of Arabs, who's interested in it anyways?"

Speaking to Reshet Bet, Hadassah said: "The car was shaking, stones were falling on us. I went to file a complaint and they told me explicitly that the chance they would find the perpetrators is very small."