Smotrich Flash 90

Upon entering the Ministry, Transport Minister Betzalel Smotrich invited travelers to contact him personally in urgent cases, with the promise of prompt treatment - he said.

A haredi man from Bnei Brak working in the Netanya industrial zone was unable to reach home last night after the designated bus for unclear reasons did not pass the station.

This was the last Metropolitan Bus Company's bus. The young man expressed concern to the Minister that he would be forced to spend the night in the industrial area.

The haredi B'Hadrei Haredim site this morning published the case, including the full correspondence with the Minister.

In his remarks, he said he had received a reply within fifteen minutes of contacting the Minister. "They called me from the Metropolitan Bus Company and said they're sending me a special bus to the station."

After being rescued, he wrote to the Minister that "I highly appreciate you for what you did in the Transport Ministry for me and for a lot of people. It isn't at all self-understood. You are appreciated and you are the best Minister in our country."

Smotrich, he said, even refused to take the credit. "The one who handled it is the head of the National Transportation Authority, not me."

The story was signed by the young haredi man with the words: "He is a huge man with a heart of gold."