Members of the Sovereignty Movement are leveraging the campaign that the movement launched a few days ago, calling upon Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Blue and White party Chairman MK Benny Gantz to include application of Israeli sovereignty in the Jordan Valley as part of the fundamental principles of the unity government, if and when it is established.

Activists early Thursday morning hung signs and banners in several areas throughout the country and along thoroughfares, with quotes from the two figures, Netanyahu and Gantz, expressing their commitment to Israeli sovereignty in the Jordan Valley.

Alongside the portrait of Netanyahu appears the commitment he stated in his press conference prior to the elections when he declared: “I will apply sovereignty in the Jordan Valley.” Alongside the portrait of MK Gantz, appears his declaration during the visit that he conducted there last July with senior members of his party: “The Jordan Valley must and will remain an indivisible part of the State of Israel.”

In the Movement they emphasize that the declarations and commitments were made by these figures just recently, thereby expressing the broad consensus among residents of Israel regarding the political future of the Jordan Valley.

In recent days, Sovereignty Movement heads Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar sent letters to Netanyahu and Gantz calling to include Jordan Valley sovereignty in the fundamental principles of the unity government that the two and their staffs are negotiating.

“Israeli sovereignty in the Jordan Valley is a course of action capable of uniting the citizens of Israel: Right, Zionist Left, and Center, around the Zionist value of enhancing control of the Land of Israel,” said Katsover and Matar, adding that “even if it is not the full and comprehensive step of applying Israeli sovereignty over all the expanses of the Land of Israel, it is an additional, significant step toward realization of the Zionist vision of Israeli sovereignty in its land.

“It is clear to every sentient being and every person with security experience that without complete Israeli sovereignty over the Jordan Valley it will be impossible to defend the State of Israel and the population centers in the western part of the Land. This insight is well-known to Netanyahu, as well as to the former Chief of the General Staff Gantz, and to the American government. It is this insight that transformed the Jordan Valley into a broad Israeli consensus, and it is important that this significant step of sovereignty will be promoted specifically from that consensus. During these days of rupture and division among the Jewish People, we call upon the leadership to unite and to unify the nation in support of the basic, fundamental values of Zionism, the values of settlement, security, and sovereignty,” said Katsover and Matar.

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