Yissachar Weiss and Adva Minsharov, with her new baby
Yissachar Weiss and Adva Minsharov, with her new babyMagen David Adom spokesperson

Magen David Adom (MDA) paramedic Yissachar Weiss (24), delivered three women within 48 hours.

"He's an angel on a motorocycle," said Adva Mansrov, 39, who gave birth early Sunday morning after a quick labor which did not leave her time to reach a hospital.

Weiss, arriving at Mansrov's home in Givatayaim, found Adva giving birth with her husband beside her and the couple's two older children sleeping in the next room.

"A few minutes after I arrived at Adva's home, the baby's head was already out, and I told her, 'Now you need to push, and I'll receive the baby,'" he said.

One day later, Weiss was called to deliver another woman, this time in Bnei Brak. There, he helped deliver a baby girl, after her mother did not manage to reach the hospital.

That same evening, Weiss was called to deliver a third woman, in Tel Aviv's Hatikva neighborhood. He quickly arrived at the home of Natasnet Valadav, 28, who said that the motorcycle-riding paramedic succeeded in easing her fears and concerns regarding the home birth.

"I gave birth to my two previous children in the hospital," she said. "The home birth happened by complete surprise and it scared me, but when the MDA staff arrived I calmed down, and I knew I was in good hands."

Weiss related: "It's always preferable to give birth in a delivery room at the hospital, and that is the safest environment for both mother and baby. However, we are trained to deliver and aid women who are giving birth, and I am very happy that these three deliveries went successfully, and that both the women and babies are doing well."

"Every such birth is an emotional event and fills me with satisfaction, giving me the strength to continue volunteering."