Prisoner (illustrative)
Prisoner (illustrative) iStock

Forces from the Lahav 433 unit arrested a 55-year-old resident of Ashkelon on suspicion of posting incitement against Prime Minister Netanyahu and other members of the Netanyahu family.

The investigation was launched following a post published yesterday on social media under the name "Zvika Sabag" calling on the Israeli police to direct traffic at the funeral of the prime minister, his wife and son. This morning, the suspect was arrested and brought for questioning.

"Get ready to direct the traffic for the funerals of Binyamin, Sara and Yair Netanyahu," the man wrote.

Following the announcement, Prime Netanyahu contacted Deputy Police Chief Moti Cohen and asked him to investigate the incitement against him and his family.

In his appeal, Netanyahu presented screenshots of the suspicious Facebook account, which also showed the profile of the account - in which a hanging rope is displayed in front of a picture of the prime minister.