At the Christian Media Summit at the Orient Jerusalem Hotel in the capital, Arutz Sheva spoke to Laurie Codorza Moore, President of “Proclaiming Justice to the Nations,” who said that Christian media is “vital” for efforts to help Israel fight anti-Semitism and BDS.

Codorza Moore explained that there is a “disconnect” between Christians and Jews and Israel that stems from a “lack of Biblical understanding.”

“Christians do not understand their Biblical role and their responsibility to stand with Israel and the Jewish people against the rise of this anti-Semitism,” she explained, noting that Christians “also have a problem with Replacement Theology.”

“That’s why we try to connect Christians to the Bible,” she said. “We, as Christian media, are not supposed to report on what is politically expedient - we must report on what is Biblically expedient.”

She emphasized that it was important to engage Christians “in coming to summits like this in Israel to be able to see first-hand the truth of what is being communicated, not listen to or communicate the same narrative that we see in the mainstream media.”

“Christians need to know the dynamics of what’s going on, and play a role in spreading this message.”