The Israel Dog Unit (IDU) participated in an IDF exercise in the Jordan Valley headed by IDF Jordan Valley Brigade Commander Brigadier General Betzalel Schneid, the Ram Battalion of Homefront Command, and with the pre-military academy of Lial.

The exercise simulated finding victims trapped under collapsed buildings as the result of a direct missile attack from Syria. The 28 "missing" victims who were "trapped" under the rubble were found with the aid of IDU search-and-rescue dogs and drones manned by IDU dog handlers and drone pilots in coordination with the IDF troops.

Seven search-and-rescue dogs and two cadaver dogs were used during the exercise.

The exercise came a day after Arabs celebrated rocket attacks on southern Israel, from Gaza.

IDU missile attack simulation exercise participants
IDU missile attack simulation exercise participantsIsrael Dog Unit
IDU disaster simulation exercise
IDU disaster simulation exerciseIsrael Dog Unit