Graduates of the Life Guardian course
Graduates of the Life Guardian course MDA Spokesperson

Last week, Magen David Adom's (MDA) Life Guardian course came to a close.

The course was held in memory of Sergeant Nachshon Wachsman and Captain Nir Poraz, obm, who were killed during the mission to rescue Wachsman from Hamas' captivity.

The course participants were friends of Nachshon Wachsman, along with their older children, who chose to take the course and receive life-saving training as part of memorializing the fallen. At the conclusion of the course, a ceremony was held at the Jerusalem MDA station, and in it participants were granted MDA Life Guardian certificates.

Wachsman volunteered in MDA as a high school student, served in the military, and connected his friends and family to Magen David Adom for many years. Just two years ago, the family decided, after knowing how important the volunteering was to Nachshon, to commemorate his memory by donating Medi-Cycles in order to assist in shortening the arrival time of MDA's teams to the sick and injured.

"Upon reaching 25 years since the fall of Nachshon Wachsman and Nir Poraz, we decided to tell the story under the title 'mutual responsibility,' a value threaded into every story about the kidnapping, the searches, and the rescue," said Noach Gutliv, childhood friend of Nachshon Wachsman and participant of the course.

"Because of Nachshon's connection to MDA, it was natural for us to do something in collaboration with the organization. When we heard about the Life Guardian course, it immediately grabbed our attention because these were exactly the little things that were the basis of 'mutual responsibility.'"

MDA began the "Life Guardian" project around 4 years ago, and over 17,000 citizens throughout the country are already participating. They have undergone basic first aid training, and can assist in the saving of someone's life in the event of a heart attack, until the arrival of an ambulance.

A special detection system pinpoints all of the Life Guardians that are located just a few minutes away from a place in which a person in need of CPR has been reported to MDA's Emergency Dispatch Center. They are then called to the scene, with the simultaneous calling of MDA's team, and are provided with the medical guidance of medics and paramedics over the phone in MDA's 101 Emergency Dispatch Center.

Participating in the Life Guardians course
Participating in the Life Guardians course MDA Spokesperson