Dr. Joseph Frager
Dr. Joseph FragerArutz Sheva

One of President Trump’s greatest accomplishments (and he has quite a few already) is the exquisitely planned and executed daring special force’s raid on Abu Bakr al-Baghdati’s compound four miles from the Turkish Border.

The President deserves very special thanks and credit not just from Republicans but Democrats as well.

In the past, I did not hesitate to compliment President Barack Obama for the navy seal team take- out of Osama Bin Laden. It used to be commonplace in America for granting credit where credit was due no matter the party affiliation. This is the America I remember. Instead, in this polarized, overheated, partisan environment, the very same week the President should be getting kudos and compliments he received his impeachment “papers”. It is more than ironic. It is sad and disturbing. We have stooped this low. This is not the America I grew up in and it is not the America that most Americans want. We are much bigger and better than this. We are a proud nation and we should celebrate our successes together as one.

This was a week when America should have cheered and applauded the President, not proceed with a doom and gloom impeachment process.

As it turns out, the killing of both Abu Bakr al-Baghdati And his heir apparent Abu Hassan al-Muhajir was a direct result of Trump’s shake-up of the pre-existing order in Northern Syria and Northern Iraq. What the media and the American people are not privy to is the vast treasure trove of intelligence that the Commander in Chief has at his fingertips. It is particularly important in the complex and multidimensional Middle East where alliances and verbal agreements as well as “deals” are the rule rather than the exception. We think in black and white terms but the truth is closer to gray and white or black and gray.

I have many theories as to how our special forces pulled off this miraculous assault against the number one terrorist in the world. In brief,I would venture that the President caught Al-Baghdadi totally off guard. Al-Baghdati was celebrating America’s pullout of troops from the region. Essentially, it flushed him out into the open. He was planning a new barrage of terror especially against the Kurds and Yazidis. What he was not prepared for was the determination and steadfastness of President Trump. He miscalculated our President and suffered the consequences.

President Trump, by taking out Al-Baghtati and Al-Muhajir has now sent his clearest message yet to all of our enemies including Iran and North Korea that he means business. This was and is a major turning point in his Presidency. It is a crying shame that he can’t seem to get one iota of credit from his political opponents.

The American People will ultimately decide how much credit to give him. I am a firm believer they will be much kinder and wiser.