Netanyahu and his wife
Netanyahu and his wife Flash 90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu responded on Thursday evening to the publication of transcripts from the interrogation of his wife, Sara, who was questioned as part of Case 4000.

“It's hard for me to see how my wife's blood is being shed and her honor trampled.”

“Unfortunately, anyone who wants to hurt me first of all harms her and our son Yair with a constant flood of criminal leaks that no one is investigating and trying to stop.”

“Night after night they distort the image of my wife, Sara.”

“All the futile investigations against her have resulted in nothing. Seven cases against her were closed even before they reached court.”

“In one ‘case’ that reached the court on issues related to take away trays, the judge said the matter should not have gone to court, because it was only about food that was mainly formal meals and about the hosting of guests at the Prime Minister's Residence.”

“The judge said that ‘the criminal world is foreign to Sara Netanyahu.’ How right he is.”

“At the end of the mediation process, out of respect for the court and the judges, Sara agreed to accept the compromise offered by the mediating judge: Utilizing a person's mistake unscrupulously - a technical matter that indicates that there was nothing here and that if it was not my wife, it would not have gone to court.”

“Sara went through four years of hell in the face of accusations of which nothing has been left. When she decided not to go to trial, she said she had suffered enough and that she wanted this hell to stop.”

“Everyone knows that if Sara was not my wife, no investigation would have been opened and no one would have dreamed of prosecuting her. Sara has become the punching bag of the media and other elements that want to hurt me and bring me down.”

“Sara, my wife, you are an example for so many women in Israel. You give your whole life for our family, for children with cancer, bereaved families, Holocaust survivors and lone soldiers. You combine unprecedentedly the fact that you are a prime minister's wife and a psychologist who works in the Jerusalem municipality and helps so many children and families.”

“I am in pain over the ongoing, wicked and unjust hurt against you. I love you and I'm proud of you.”