Michelle Rojas Tal
Michelle Rojas TalBy PR

Michelle Rojas Tal is the granddaughter of a Holocaust survivor on her mom's side, and the daughter of a Puerto Rican non-Jewish father. She grew up in New York City, where she had pride in both heritages, and a full understanding that she was one of the Jewish People.

She was 16 years old when the Twin Towers blew up across the river from her high school. While the events of 9/11 were a turning point in the young teenager's life, it was while in college that Michelle became an activist for Israel, when a professor claimed that the Israeli Mossad was responsible for the 1941 pogrom against the Jews of Baghdad, and nobody stood up. It was then that Michelle first raised her voice for the truth in the face of lies and ignorance about the Middle East.

Now the educational director for the organization StandWithUs, Michelle works tirelessly to bring the truth to college campuses and communities across the US.

Tune in to meet this articulate and powerful young woman whose stories are many, whose attitude is incredibly positive, and whose message is one of making a difference in the world.