Sara Netanyahu
Sara Netanyahu Flash 90

Transcripts from the investigation of the Prime Minister's wife, Sara Netanyahu, were published Thursday on Channel 12 News. She was questioned as part of Case 4000.

Investigator: The prime minister also thinks about the media as you do?

Sara: "My husband is a more intellectual person, but he, too, will tell it to anyone willing to hear, that this is a dictatorship and bullying and lies. Everything they say about us are lies. They don't publicize everything he does for the country. It's painful and unfair. I hope that one day there will be objective media in the state of Israel, I don't need to live in fear and refrain from saying what I think. I want to talk about my pain, that there's injustice and selective enforcement. They should ask everyone why the media is positive toward them and not to me.

"If I were a leftist, and I was the wife of a leftist prime minister, they would write good things about me. Someone once told me 'You can be a queen if your husband was a leftist. You are married to the wrong person.' Other prime ministers' wives also did and said the same things but they only investigate me. I'll say my opinion on the media to anyone willing to hear, also abroad, and to every leader I meet - that everything is great here in the country, only the media is terrible.

Investigator: Is that why the prime minister retained the Communications Ministry?

Sara: I don't know, I don't understand the ministries. We are the most defamed, and they behave toward us most unfairly, towards me and toward the prime minister. There is a desire to overthrow the Likud government. We have no power, we are the weakest. My husband is the best leader, received like a king in the whole world. Everyone in the world applauds him, he is a beloved leader in the world, but he is weak in the media. Everyone is slaughtering him and me.

Investigator: I'm trying to focus on the Communications Ministry.

Sara: "Before Momo (Filber) was appointed, I wasn't in contact with the Communications Ministry. I've had a relationship with Momo for years. Both my husband and I believed in him. I liked him very much, but I didn't appoint him. What could be wrong in the prime minister appointing someone whom I also like?

Investigator: Filber writes (after he was appointed) that he hopes to fulfill your expectations of him. What does he mean?

Sara: "I have no idea. He'll want to turn around the media to be balanced.

Investigator: He thanks you both.

Sara: "I have to say, as a psychologist, I wouldn't analyze someone's personality in this sentence.

"I don't remember my husband talking to me about my relationship with Iris [Elovitch] because he didn't know about him. He didn't know I'm appealing to Iris at Walla. I think there was an atmosphere ... that I felt that the Elovitches [owners of news outlet Walla] didn't like the attitude toward them in the Communications Ministry. I'm not sure they talked to us about it. Definitely not. I never spoke about this with the prime minister. They didn't turn to me with any kind of request. The meetings with them were pleasant, social meals, personal issues. I didn't hear the name Bezeq in the conversations, only issues such as the media, Walla, Noni Mozes - not mergers. I have no idea about mergers and regulations. I have no idea and had no idea.

Investigator: In your correspondence with Iris, were there inappropriate things that needed to be deleted?

Sara: "Not at all. I deleted a lot, and that was years ago.

Investigator: You usually delete text messages?

Sara: "I deleted in the past. I was told by many people to delete them, that there's too many and there are such personal things. The prime minister never told me to delete them. I deleted a whole host of things and it was all kinds of people, I didn't have enough memory on the device for all types of groups.

Investigator: And the correspondence with Iris?

Sara: "I suppose I deleted groups, not messages between us. I deleted general things.

Sara: "What's the connection with Yes? I may have contacted Iris and Nir (Hefetz), but there is no way I can't turn to someone because he has other things. If they were to receive benefits, do you think I would need to continue like this and beg for my life?

Investigator: There was a connection between the positive coverage and regulation. There was a vested interest in the friendship between you and the Elovitches.

Sara: "Not at all. Everything you said is a lie. It's bullying because you have all the power over me here.

Investigator: Ilan [Yeshua, CEO of Walla] says it's forbidden to anger Sara. She can get back at Bezeq.

Sara: "Nonsense, I deny everything you say. It's a lie, complete nonsense.

"On Eurocom - until now I don't know what Eurocom is. I have no understanding of the concepts of economics, I'm not strong at it and don't understand it. Group - not group.

Investigator: But you knew about Walla.

Sara: "Because it's media, and we're slaughtered there.

Investigator: The sale of their other businesses?

Sara: "I wasn't involved., I knew that Walla was theirs., I didn't know about Bezeq.

Investigator: Were there regulation issues that bothered the Elovitches?

Sara: "I didn't know anything about it.

Investigator: The Bezeq-Yes deal?

Sara: "I didn't hear about it. I didn't have any idea - even half an idea.
"If I have the opportunity to get rid of something negative and wrong, I can cry out for my life and say something is wrong and negative. Check it out, everything they say about me is a lie. They trample on human dignity and liberty. They trample me like a cockroach.

Investigator: There was a method. Saul and Iris (Elovitch) received instructions and transferred them to Ilan (Yeshua), the person who carried it out. It came from you, the prime minister and your advisers.
Sara: "There is no method, I didn't appeal to Iris: 'Take this down, put this up.' Everyone does it, and you're only investigating us on this issue. We are slaughtered in the media. They're killing me, the children and their lives.

Investigator: What was Iris supposed to do with what you tell her?

Sara: "Nothing. I didn't give instructions, I hoped she could do something about it. I would turn to God also.

Investigator: Besides the coverage, did you discuss editors? Employees?

Sara: "I may have told her that everyone needs the employees appropriate for them. They need to have the employees suitable to their ideology. I remember there was an evasive atmosphere. Iris told me they would be fairer but it didn't happen.

Investigator: In the relevant years, the relationship was very close - there were lots of messages.

Sara: "It's exaggerated. I clicked with Iris, I felt she understood me. That what hurts me hurts her. I would write to her 'Why are you writing lies?' There were times I told Iris that they were attacking me to harm my husband.

"I'm never next to the prime minister with a cellphone. We don't have cellphones at home. They're not allowed in the house and I also don't share texts with him. He hates it, and always says - don't text. He doesn't believe in these things. He says that if there's something to say, say it in person, not by text.