Rabbi Rafi Peretz
Rabbi Rafi Peretz Hezki Baruch

Education Minister Rabbi Rafi Peretz posted in support of Rabbi Elimelech Firer today following the storm that broke out in the last day resulting from Firer's stipulation that women singers not perform at a dinner for his organization Ezra l'Marpeh.

"In the last day, Rabbi Elimelech Firer suffered a terrible injustice," the Minister began. "For decades, Rabbi Firer has worked modestly and quietly for the sick and their families - this is his life's mission and he does it with endless dedication, making no distinction between women and men.

"In gratitude, many thousands of the people of Israel should be attending an event in honor of Rabbi Firer's association. I was pleased to see that despite the campaign against the occasion dedicated to his recognition, Israeli discourse as expressed by singer Idan Amadi and journalists Menachem Horowitz and Moran Azulay, is completely sane in supporting Rabbi Firer. This is the discourse that must be adopted these days," Rabbi Peretz added.

He says, "The various organizations and media outlets that present the event as excluding women and 'medieval', with their own hands unravel the Israeli human fabric and do a great disservice to Rabbi Firer and his work.

"The connections that Rabbi Firer creates in his life work are a symbol and example to us all. The political system and Israeli society as a whole need to learn from him," Rabbi Peretz noted.

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