Haredim (illustrative)
Haredim (illustrative)Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

A 2018 survey by the Central Bureau of Statistics showed that there is a positive correlation between the population's level of education and that of their parents.

According to the survey, over 60% of Israelis over age 30 who were born to parents - either a mother, father, or both - who were completely uneducated lack a high school diploma.

However, the more educated parents are, the more educated their children are likely to be: Just 7% of children born to at least one college-educated parent lack a high school diploma.

In addition, a survey of Israelis aged 20 and up showed that children of business owners are more likely to own businesses themselves.

And a full 29% of haredim said that they did not live in a haredi household at the age of 15, while just 22% of secular Israelis said their home was not a secular one when they were 15.