Yair Netanyahu
Yair NetanyahuFlash 90

Prime Minister Netanyahu's son Yair was interrogated by police in the investigation of Case 4000, the Walla-Bezeq affair, which led to the court's decision to close the case against him.

However, the investigation itself was turbulent and Netanyahu Jr. strongly attacked various officials and called them derogatory names.

The first of them was former Minister Gideon Sa'ar. Netanyahu Jr. attacked the investigators' decision not to investigate Sa'ar, on whom he said, "He raped and arranged a job for the victim to keep her silent, and you know the story with Gideon Sa'ar, you don't investigate because it's not interesting."

Yair Netanyahu called the police "Stazi, Gestapo" and added "That's what I have to say, OK? Police state, mafia. Sorry, you don't act like a mafia because even in the mafia, they don't involve women and children. Shame and disgrace."

On Nir Hafetz, Yair Netanyahu said, "The man you are so built on, I heard he killed a soldier and dragged his body on the railroad tracks to destroy it so they wouldn't know he killed him. This is the great model you lean on, god's gift."

Yair Netanyahu has made it clear to investigators that he will not let any of the Prime Minister's spokesmen mislead him, "Deceive? You talk like I'm some dog who you silence; it's good you didn't tell me they whack me to silence me; deceive - I'm not some dog that you silence. Okay? No one dared to silence me, certainly not next to my father. Do you think anyone who is my father's employee dares to silence me, his son, does that make sense to you?"

Gideon Sa'ar's response: "If the report is correct - then I disgustedly reject the delusional and despicable lies that Yair Netanyahu tried to address in his testimony to the police. He won't succeed. "

Nir Hefetz's counsel Attorney Ilan Sofer's response : "These unfounded and morbid words of incitement, if they were said, will be dealt with by us in their proper place - legal cases."

Yair Netanyahu's representative's response: "The use of criminal and tendentious leaks from Yair's investigation that was closed is a continuation of the hunt against him and against the Netanyahu family, and an ugly attempt to shame him."