Police search phone
Police search phoneiStock

Police investigators have banned media consultants Yonatan Urich and Topaz Locke, who work for Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, from speaking with him, Channel 13 News today reported.

The two received the order after being investigated on suspicion of threatening state witness Shlomo (Momo) Filber, whose testimony constitutes an essential pillar in the central case against the Prime Minister, Case 4000.

As part of the new case, three of the Prime Minister's communications and media consultants - Ofer Golan, Jonathan Urich, and Topaz Locke - were questioned over the past few days and their personal phones confiscated.

This has sparked outrage among Netanyahu and those surrounding him, who call the confiscation unnecessary persecution by law enforcement officials.

Last night, media consultant Yonatan Urich sent a furious letter to the Attorney General, claiming that Urich was in fact forced to allow the police investigator to look at his cell phone without being told he was legally entitled not to consent to such a search.

Yonatan Urich
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