Inaugurating the synagogue in Kibbutz Megiddo
Inaugurating the synagogue in Kibbutz Megiddo Public relations

Seventy years after it was founded by the Hashomer Hatzair movement, the Jezreel Valley's Kibbutz Megiddo inaugurated its first synagogue.

For decades, kibbutzes in the Jezreel Valley were seen as leaders of secular values, and some of them even raised pigs for food. In the past few years, however, residents have come closer to traditional Jewish values, and the pinnacle was the inauguration of a new synagogue.

The idea to re-erect the synagogue was brought up by several members some 20 years ago, but only a year and a half ago did its supporters succeed in bringing the issue for a vote and winning a majority - by a single vote (4-3).

After much effort and considerable challenges, the new building was erected with the aid of the Ayelet Hashachar organization.

It will serve residents of Kibbutz Megiddo and the surrounding area.

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היסטוריה: בית כנסת בקיבוץ מגידו