Kayla Mueller
Kayla MuellerReuters

The operation to eliminate ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was named after an American human rights activist, Kayla Mueller.

Mueller, a Christian, had previously volunteered in Judea and Samaria, as well as in northern India, where she taught English to Tibetan refugees, ABC noted. She also worked at an HIV/AIDS clinic and a woman's shelter in her home state of Arizona. She was active in the pro-Palestinian anarchist International Solidarity Movement.

In December 2012, Mueller traveled to the Syrian-Turkish border to work with human rights groups there. She later entered Syria to help in an Aleppo hospital.

But in 2013, on her way back to a bus stop in Turkey, Mueller was with her Syrian boyfriend in a car driven by a member of Doctors without Borders. The vehicle was ambushed by ISIS terrorists, and she found herself taken hostage by the ISIS terror organization, while her boyfriend was freed.

She soon found herself in an unending nightmare as she was forced into service as al-Baghdadi's personal sex slave.

Then-US President Barack Obama refused to negotiate for Kayla's release.

She was murdered in February 2015 when Jordanian forces bombed Raqqa.