Yonatan Feld, 82, has been identified as the Israeli who drowned Friday while diving in Abu Galoum in Dahab, Sinai.

Feld was a resident of Kibbutz Ma'abarot.

"Yonatan was a man of peace, who worked hard to advance equality and justice. Among other things, he was secretary of the kibbutz, a farmer, and an educator."

The Foreign Ministry's Department for Israelis Abroad and Israeli Consul in Cairo Dudu Ben Khalifa are aiding the family and working to bring the body to Israel.

Last week, 8-year-old Yosef Goldman was killed when the boat he was in capsized on the Hudson River. Goldman, an Israeli who lives in New York, was a great-grandson of the Skverer Rebbe, Rabbi David Twersky.

Initial investigations showed that Goldman and six other children under 12 were on the boat with an adult who was rowing the boat. During the trip, the boat capsized for an unknown reason. The adult and six other children managed to hold onto the boat, but Goldman went missing.